About me

March 19, 2019

Welcome to my blog. My name is Max Samuel Gonchar and I’m software developer working in Tel Aviv. Interested in AI and gamedev, but working mostly with web and VoIP technologies. My favorite tech stack is ASP.Net + MSSQL on backend and VanillaJS/JQuery + HTML5 + CSS3 + Bootstrap on front-end. But lastly I’m also actively using Firebase and Google Cloud as platform for serverless solutions. Experienced with AWS and Azure, Jenkins and CI/CD.
But when I have a free minute, I also like to try something new in Android SDK. Although no one of my Android projects wasn’t published in play store I hope that soon it will change.

Besides my work I’m co-founder of Infinity Intelligence Inc. based in Toronto, Ontario. Together with my childhood friend Taras Savitskiy we founded Infinity Intelligence to provide products in educational, self-improvement and business fields. Here you can check some of our projects.

Max Samuel Gonchar

Written by Max Samuel Gonchar who lives in Be`er Sheva and works in Tel Aviv building useful (and not) things.