EducArt. The history

March 20, 2019

EducArt was started in 2012, when I chose a History of Arts as one of my courses during undergraduate studies. When it was time to prepare to exam, I realized that although visually I know many of famous art works I purely can remember their names, authors and history.

At that time I already worked as freelancer and was creating websites using Joomla or pure LAMP stack for local customers. For example TV channel website and theatre website. There were many others, but not all of them survived till today.

So I tried to fine something to help me remember and did not find. And like every developer who every day reads news, articles and books about startups and how to build one it was predictable that I started to build projects, which should help me with my problem and possible will help someone else.

Couple of sleepless nights and the first version was ready. Because of continuous debugging with about 20 famous pictures, at that moment they already set up deeply in my memory. Later about 30 more paintings were added. After successful passing exam I sent link to lecturer and got a good review. He wanted me to finish it so we could provide it to students as tool for test themselves. Don’t remember exactly why, but it didn’t happen. Possible because of work or holidays. But the result is - EducArt was abandoned for about 5 years…

Old versio

Yes, the first version was in Ukrainian.

Max Samuel Gonchar

Written by Max Samuel Gonchar who lives in Be`er Sheva and works in Tel Aviv building useful (and not) things.